10+ Best Warehouse Cleaning Services in Toronto

Are you still stressed about your dust-covered warehouse? Toronto has a squad of professional cleaners that will turn your warehouse into a productivity space. If you’re storing goods, running a production line, or just want to impress with your pristine corners, these warehouse cleaning services in Toronto will make your space sparkling clean and functional.

1. 7 AM Cleaning

warehouse cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via 7 AM Cleaning

7 AM Cleaning takes the hassle out of warehouse upkeep. Their experienced team handles dusting, floor scrubbing, and waste removal, ensuring a spotless, organised space. They even offer high-dusting and scheduled maintenance to keep your warehouse pristine.

2. Hello Hunter Staff

Hello Hunter Staff tailors warehouse cleaning services in Toronto to fit your warehouse’s unique needs. Using eco-friendly products, they guarantee reliable, consistent service at affordable rates. Your warehouse will be clean, green, and ready for business.

3. Pro-Clean

warehouse cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via Pro-Clean

Pro-Clean’s specialists offer top-tier warehouse cleaning services in Toronto that are available 24/7. From overhead cleaning to floor care and sanitising employee areas, they keep every corner of your warehouse spotless.

4. Facility Pro Commercial & Office Cleaning 

Facility Pro customises cleaning plans for each warehouse, ensuring compliance with health regulations. Their meticulous approach, starting with a free on-site assessment, provides peace of mind and a healthier work environment.

5. RBC Clean

RBC Clean excels at high-level dusting to maintain a safe, clean warehouse. Their meticulous hand-cleaning prevents dirt build-up that could disrupt machinery and production lines, promoting a healthier workspace.

6. Golden Lion Cleaning Services

Golden Lion Cleaning Services knows a clean warehouse is key to productivity. They tackle high beams, hard-to-reach shelves, and large hallways, ensuring your warehouse stays neat, organised, and efficient.

7. Green Clean Mobile Wash Inc.

Green Clean Mobile Wash Inc. offers comprehensive warehouse cleaning services in Toronto, including mopping floors and clearing passageways and air ducts. They also customise their services to fit your specific needs, ensuring a spotless facility.

8. The Donzay Group

Photo via The Donzay Group

The Donzay Group minimises warehouse hazards with thorough cleaning services. They handle dusting rafters, pressure washing floors, and deep cleaning office areas, making your warehouse safer and more appealing.

9. Global Cleaning & Consulting Solutions

Global Cleaning & Consulting Solutions provides tailored warehouse cleaning, from floor mopping to air duct cleaning. Their flexible scheduling and detailed approach ensure your warehouse remains clean and efficient.

10. Tycoon Cleaning

Photo via Tycoon Cleaning

Tycoon Cleaning specialises in meticulous warehouse cleaning, removing all dust and contaminants. Their service ensures a clean, organized facility, enhancing both employee health and your brand’s image.

11. Pristine Maintenance and Services

Pristine Maintenance and Services offers detailed warehouse cleaning services in Toronto, focusing on high-traffic and storage areas. Their eco-friendly products and flexible scheduling guarantee a spotless, well-maintained facility.


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