10+ Best Supermarket and Grocery Cleaning Services in Toronto

Spill in aisle 5? Banana stampede in produce? Running a supermarket or grocery store is a wild ride, but keeping it clean shouldn’t be. Between overflowing carts and enthusiastic shoppers, those floors quickly get dirty. But worry not because we’ve listed the 10+ best supermarket and grocery cleaning services in Toronto that’ll keep your store sparkling, your customers smiling, and your stress levels in check.

1. 7 AM Cleaning

supermarket and grocery cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via 7 AM Cleaning 

At 7 AM Cleaning, they understand the unique challenges supermarkets and grocery stores face. Their professional supermarket and grocery cleaning services in Toronto are designed to take the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your customers’ satisfaction. Whether it’s floor cleaning, surface disinfection, or restroom sanitization, they’ve got you covered.

2. Hello Hunter Staff

When it comes to a spotless supermarket, Hello Hunter Staff is your go-to. They customise their cleaning programs to suit your specific requirements, ensuring a clean and inviting space for your customers and employees. Plus, their affordable rates mean you don’t have to break the bank to keep your grocery store gleaming.

3. Facility Pro Commercial & Office Cleaning

Are your customers seeing fixtures and floors that sparkle? Facility Pro ensures your supermarket reflects your commitment to quality. Their dedicated team provides quality supermarket and grocery cleaning services in Toronto from entrance to restrooms.

4. Safe Cleaning

supermarket and grocery cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via Safe Cleaning

Safe Cleaning’s commercial cleaning services are designed to leave your supermarket looking its best.  They’ll keep your store bright and inviting through reliable floor cleaning, shelf dusting, trash removal, and more.

5. Power Cleaners

Photo via Power Cleaners

Power Cleaners knows that clean and orderly retail centers set the tone for a positive customer experience. Their services, including litter removal, facade cleaning, and high-pressure cleaning for parking lots, ensure your supermarket is always pristine.

6. MCA Group

supermarket and grocery cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via MCA Group

MCA Group offers cost-effective supermarket and grocery cleaning services in Toronto, ensuring your space looks fresh and attracts customers. Their competitive rates and flexible agreements make them a top choice for maintaining a clean and organised supermarket.

7. Progress Cleaning Service

Progress Cleaning’s commercial cleaning services ensure your store remains productive and inviting. You can trust the experience of their professional team to maintain a clean environment, allowing you to focus on your business without distractions.

8. Assured Building Maintenance

Assured Building Maintenance has decades of experience and cutting-edge equipment to ensure your floors, restrooms, countertops, and shelves are spotless, creating an environment your customers want to be in.

9. Green Clean Office Maintenance & Janitorial

Green Clean offers a complete line of supermarket and grocery cleaning services in Toronto, including general office cleaning to stripping and waxing hard surfaces, at reasonable prices. Their highly trained teams use the latest techniques and equipment to keep your supermarket looking fantastic.

10. Alpine Building Maintenance Inc.

Alpine Building Maintenance’s highly-trained staff maintain a spotless environment, making visitors feel at home while they shop. Besides the minimal disruption to your operations, they’ll keep your space sparkling to increase shopper confidence and loyalty.

11. Double Clean Inc.

Double Clean provides dependable janitorial services and customises them to suit various properties, including grocery stores. They’ll help you to focus on your customers and business growth.


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