10+ Best Retail Store Cleaning Services in Toronto

Tired of scrubbing floors and dusting shelves after a long day of attending to your customers? All retail stores could relate to that. So, to make your life easier and keep your space sparkling without lifting a finger, we’ve listed some of the best retail store cleaning services in Toronto. These topnotch services save you time and effort and ensure your store always looks its best, ready to impress every shopper.

1. 7 AM Cleaning

retail store cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via 7 AM Cleaning

7 AM Cleaning has your back in starting your day in a spotless store, ready to welcome customers. With their professional retail store cleaning services in Toronto, your floors and shelves will gleam, and you can focus on running your business without breaking a sweat.

2. Hello Hunter Staff

Looking to keep your store pristine and welcoming? Hello Hunter Staff is your go-to crew. Their expert cleaners ensure your retail space shines from the front entrance to the back office.

3. Premium Maintenance Services Ltd.

First impressions matter, and Premium Maintenance Services knows how to make them count. They understand that a clean store means happy customers and better sales. Their top-tier retail store cleaning services in Toronto ensure your store looks impeccable.

4. MCA Group

retail store cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via MCA Group

MCA Group’s top-notch cleaning services cater to all types of retail environments, ensuring your store stays spotless and appealing. You’ll get regular, thorough cleanings that go beyond the basics.

5. We Clean It

retail store cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via We Clean It

When your retail store needs a deep clean, you can book affordable cleaning services with We Clean It. They’ll handle everything, including daily maintenance and detailed deep cleaning. You can relax knowing your retail space is in expert hands.

6. Lustre Luxury Services

Want your store to sparkle with sophistication? Lustre Luxury Services will help you achieve that goal. They use the latest cleaning techniques and eco-friendly products to make every corner of your store shine.

7. Focus Cleaning

retail store cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via Focus Cleaning

Foot traffic means your store needs constant attention, and Focus Cleaning delivers this. Their reliable retail store cleaning services in Toronto are customisable and tailored to your needs, ensuring every inch of your store is spotless.

8. Facility Pro Commercial & Office Cleaning

Facility Pro Commercial & Office Cleaning has 13 years of experience delivering professional and affordable cleaning services. So, they know precisely the importance of a clean environment for your products, employees, and customers.

9. Marathon Cleaning Corp.

Marathon Cleaning Corp. excels in providing retail store cleaning services in Toronto that create a welcoming and hygienic environment. Whenever you need daily maintenance or detailed cleaning of showrooms, customer areas, and storage spaces, they ensure your store remains clean and appealing.

10. Pro-Clean

Photo via Pro-Clean 

Since 1995, Pro-Clean has been a leader in janitorial services for retail stores across the GTA. Fully bonded and insured, their supervised cleaning teams provide professional care that meets the highest standards.

11. Tycoon Cleaning

Photo via Tycoon Cleaning

Tycoon Cleaning will help you make a lasting impression on every customer with customized, cost-effective cleaning solutions. They’ll also help boost your sales and foot traffic by maintaining a refreshing and hygienic environment.


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