10+ Best Restaurants and Cafes Cleaning Services in Toronto

Greeted by a sticky table or crumbs on the floor? It’s a total mood killer when visiting a food and beverage establishment. Running a restaurant or cafe is a blast, but cleaning? Not so much. That’s why we’ve searched for the best restaurants and cafes cleaning services in Toronto. These cleaning experts ensure your dining spots and all areas sparkle, so your customers can focus on enjoying their latte or delicious dish without any distractions.

1. 7 AM Cleaning

restaurants and cafes cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via 7 AM Cleaning

From greasy kitchens to sticky bars, 7 AM Cleaning has got your back. They handle the toughest grime and leave every inch of your restaurant or café sparkling clean. Perfect for those who need deep kitchen cleaning, dining area maintenance, and bar upkeep.

2. Hello Hunter Staff

Hello Hunter Staff knows that every restaurant is unique. Their customised cleaning solutions and eco-friendly practices ensure your place shines without breaking the bank.

3. Focus Cleaning

restaurants and cafes cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via Focus Cleaning

Focus Cleaning takes restaurant cleaning to the next level with their thorough services. From the kitchen to the bar area, they ensure everything is spotless. Ideal for maintaining a hygienic environment that keeps customers coming back.

4. MCA Group

restaurants and cafes cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via MCA Group

Want to make your restaurant or café look its best? MCA Group offers affordable restaurants and cafes cleaning services in Toronto, including full steam cleaning and disinfection at competitive prices. They’ll make your establishment impress every customer.

5. Green Clean Toronto

Green Clean Toronto provides eco-friendly cleaning solutions for restaurants and cafes. As they cover everything, including dining areas and kitchen equipment, you’ll get a safe and sanitized environment for both staff and customers.

6. Clean My Premises

Clean My Premises offers top-notch restaurants and cafes cleaning services in Toronto to keep your place spotless. They focus on preventing infection spread, ensuring compliance with health regulations, and creating an inviting atmosphere.

7. iClean Restaurants

iClean Restaurants’ comprehensive cleaning services include deep cleaning, certified hood cleaning, and pressure washing. Their expert team ensures every part of your restaurant is pristine and ready for business.

8. Tycoon Cleaning

Photo via Tycoon Cleaning

Tycoon Cleaning provides customisable restaurants and cafes cleaning services in Toronto at reasonable costs. Their proven process ensures your place looks flawless, attracting rave reviews and happy customers.

9. Golden Lion Cleaning Services

When you book restaurants and cafes cleaning services in Toronto with Golden Lion Cleaning Services, expect the establishment to be spotless from top to bottom. They’re committed to creating a positive impression with clean plates, sparkling windows, and shining utensils.

10. Jani-King

Jani-King offers a full-service restaurant cleaning program that covers everything from deep kitchen cleaning to high-touch area disinfection. Their expert team helps elevate your restaurant’s or café’s cleanliness to new heights.

11. Daily Cleaning Services

Daily Cleaning Services specialises in keeping restaurants and cafes spotless with their deep cleaning services. From floor scrubbing to restroom sanitisation, they ensure every inch of your place is clean and inviting.


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