10+ Best Professional Cleaners for Hotels in Toronto

Ever feel like you’re constantly playing whack-a-mole with guest room cleanliness? One minute, a room is spotless; the next, it’s mysteriously transformed into a forgotten sock graveyard. (Hotel owners have all been there.) We’ve compiled a list of the top 10+ professional cleaners for hotels in Toronto, all ready to transform your guest experience (and free up your valuable time).

1. 7 AM Cleaning

cleaners for hotels in Toronto
Photo via 7 AM Cleaning

These meticulous cleaners for hotels in Toronto go beyond the surface level. They’ll inspect every inch of your guest rooms, ensuring sanitised surfaces, sparkling bathrooms, and fresh linens – all with eco-friendly products.

2. Hello Hunter Staff 

Hello Hunter Staff ensures every room and common area is spotless. Trust them to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, creating a welcoming and pristine environment for all your guests.

3. MCA Group

cleaners for hotels in Toronto
Photo via MCA Group 

First impressions are everything, especially in hospitality. MCA Group understands that a spotless hotel is critical to a glowing reputation and happy guests. They’ll make sure your hotel shines.

3. Great Commercial Cleaners

No two hotels are the same. Great Commercial Cleaners recognize this. Their experienced cleaners for hotels in Toronto customise cleaning to your specific needs, whether it’s sparkling hotel rooms or pristine hotel lobbies.

5. Focus Cleaning

cleaners for hotels in Toronto
Photo via Focus Cleaning 

Focus Cleaning lives up to its name. They’ll leave your hotel sparkling and germ-free, tailoring their services to your schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) and even tackling deep cleaning projects.

6. Arelli Commercial Cleaning 

Forget contracts and scheduling headaches. Arelli is among the best cleaners for hotels in Toronto, offering flexible cleaning packages and dependable service from industry veterans. Plus, their menu of services lets you choose exactly what your hotel needs.


cleaners for hotels in Toronto
Photo via JAN-PRO 

Short-staffed? JAN-PRO swoops in as your cleaning cavalry. These hotel cleaning services complement your existing team and deliver consistent, high-quality cleaning, ensuring your guests have a fantastic stay.

  • www.jan-pro.ca
  • #1 – 2295 Dunwin Drive MississaugaToronto 
  • +1 905-569-1131

8. Green Clean Office Maintenance & Janitorial 

Keeping your hotel clean shouldn’t break the bank. Green Clean offers affordable, eco-friendly cleaning services with top-notch equipment and effective cleaning supplies.

9. Jani-King

Jani-King understands the hospitality industry inside-out. As trusted cleaners for hotels in Toronto, they offer comprehensive cleaning programs like sparkling front-of-house areas, deep cleaning, and even laundry services – all tailored to your specific needs.

10. Evergreen Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial 

Evergreen knows that a clean hotel is a welcoming hotel. Their friendly and experienced staff cleans efficiently, keeping your guests and business reputation happy.

11. Pro-Clean

Photo via Pro-Clean 

Pro-Clean doesn’t just clean; they revitalise. Their hotel cleaning services leave your space sparkling new, attracting the best clientele and keeping your business booming.

12. Facility Pro

Photo via Facility Pro

Need extra cleaning support or want to outsource it entirely? Facility Pro offers customisable cleaning solutions for hotels of all sizes. These hotel cleaners handle everything, so you can focus on running a successful business.


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