10+ Best Post-Renovation Cleaning Services in Toronto

Have you just wrapped up a big renovation project? Surely, you’ve finally knocked down the pesky wall to create an open-concept living space or revamped your kitchen into your dream cooking space. Whatever the case, there’s one last hurdle before you can truly enjoy your newly transformed space – the cleanup. Yep, all the dust, debris, and leftover construction materials aren’t going to disappear on their own. This is where you’ll need these top-notch post-renovation cleaning services in Toronto.

1. 7 AM Cleaning

post-renovation cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via 7 AM Cleaning

7 AM Cleaning will help you banish all that construction chaos, leaving your space sparkling from top to bottom. Their professional post-renovation cleaning services in Toronto, from zapping dust to making your kitchen shine, lets you enjoy your beautiful, new space hassle-free.

2. Hello Hunter Staff

Prefer eco-friendly post-renovation cleaning services in Toronto. Hello Hunter Staff can be your cleaning BFFs. They tackle post-reno mess with skill and consistency, using green products to keep your space spotless and sustainable. Plus, these services are at competitive rates.

3. Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc.

Equipped with professional gear, Brilho eliminates even the trickiest debris. Perfect for home showings or just enjoying a clean space, they ensure your place looks impeccable after any renovation.

4. Hire A Maid

post-renovation cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via Hire A Maid

Hire A Maid specialises in detailed post-reno cleaning that leaves no dust particles behind. Using commercial-grade tools, their team tackles every nook and cranny to transform your home into a pristine haven, ensuring every job meets your high standards.

5. Clean My Premises

Clean My Premises offers reliable post-renovation cleaning services in Toronto, covering everything from floors to light fixtures. Moreover, their thorough approach guarantees a spotless finish, including the smallest detail.

6. Enjoy House Cleaning

Enjoy House Cleaning takes the stress out of post-reno mess with their top-to-bottom deep cleaning services. They make sure every speck of construction dust is gone, giving you a clean, ready-to-move-in property that sparkles from every angle.

7. Cleaning Hive

post-renovation cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via Cleaning Hive

Cleaning Hive’s team of pros uses a detailed strategy to remove dirt, sanitise surfaces, and leave your space spotless. They cover all the bases, ensuring a thorough clean.

8. Clean and Shiny Inc.

With a detailed checklist and all the necessary tools, Clean and Shiny Inc. ensures every corner of your property is dust-free and pristine. They even handle extra drywall dust with their trusty Shop-Vac.

9. Toronto Shine Cleaning Inc.

Toronto Shine Cleaning will make your post-reno cleaning project a breeze. They use systematic strategies to leave your home or commercial space spotless. They’ll make every area clean and ready for you to enjoy.

10. Cleaning 4 You

Photo via Cleaning 4 You

Cleaning 4 You meticulously remove dust and debris, revealing the true beauty of your renovation. Their thorough post-renovation cleaning services in Toronto let you fully appreciate your new space without lifting a finger.

11. Cleaning Heights

Photo via Cleaning Heights

Cleaning Heights knows where to find every last speck of post-reno dust. Their keen eye for detail ensures spotless floors, kitchens, and bathrooms. Their specialised equipment for tough jobs makes your property shine from corner to corner.


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