10+ Best Post-Construction Cleaning Services in Toronto

Was it a brand-new addition, a sleek remodel, or even a full-blown new build? Congratulations. The hard part is done, but now you’re left with the aftermath: dust-covered floors, leftover debris, and the unmistakable construction grime. Fortunately, professional post-construction cleaning services in Toronto will help you transform a chaotic site into a polished, livable area. These services will help you save time and energy, and you can rest easy knowing your new space is spotless and safe.

1. 7 AM Cleaning

post-construction cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via 7 AM Cleaning

7 AM Cleaning makes your space free from the aftermath of renovation chaos, meticulously clearing out dust from every corner, hauling away leftover materials, and leaving windows crystal clear. Plus, your floors will shine, and every inch of your kitchen and bathroom will be spotless.

2. Hello Hunter Staff

Hello Hunter Staff’s experienced pros handle all the post-construction mess with advanced equipment and eco-friendly products. They’re efficient, reliable, and offer competitive rates. You’ll be enjoying your new space in no time.

3. Squeaky Cleaning

post-construction cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via Squeaky Cleaning

Tired of construction dust and debris? Squeaky Cleaning’s got your back. Their friendly, professional post-construction cleaning services in Toronto will save you time and money. They bring all the right equipment, ensuring every corner is spotless.

4. Master Maid

post-construction cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via Master Maid

Is the post-construction mess overwhelming? Master Maid, with nearly a decade of experience, specialises in turning chaos into cleanliness. They handle everything from dust to small debris, customising their post-construction cleaning services in Toronto to fit your needs.

5. RBC Clean

RBC Clean handles dust, debris, and everything in between, using top-notch equipment for a thorough clean. From windows to floors, their team ensures every surface gleams. Need a pristine space by a deadline? RBC Clean is ready to impress.

6. MCA Group

post-construction cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via MCA Group

Renovation debris got you down? MCA Group will remove dust, scrub floors, and polish every fixture. Their safety-trained team handles tall buildings and tricky spots, leaving your property shining and spotless.

7. Great Commercial Cleaners

Great Commercial Cleaner’s post-construction cleaning services in Toronto involve industrial-grade tools and a meticulous eye. Whether it’s a minor refurb or a major overhaul, they have the skills to make it pristine and debris-free.

8. Stratus Building Solutions

Stratus Building Solutions’s professional team eliminates dust, dirt, and debris using the most effective products and techniques. From baseboards to windows, they ensure your space is spotless. Let them handle the final touches.

9. AspenClean

Photo via AspenClean

AspenClean knows that post-construction cleaning requires special care. They use eco-friendly products to clean the kitchen, bathroom, living area, and all areas, leaving no unpleasant odours or harmful chemical residues. 

10. CleaNeat Inc.

Photo via CleaNeat Inc.

For a spotless, debris-free space post-renovation, CleaNeat is the answer. Their experienced team uses top-tier equipment to remove every speck of dust and residue. Perfect for home showings or just enjoying your newly finished space, they ensure everything is clean and in order.

11. The Donzay Group

Photo via The Donzay Group

Don’t let the post-construction mess dampen your excitement. The Donzay Group’s thorough post-construction cleaning services in Toronto transform your property into a pristine haven. They tailor their approach to your needs, ensuring every concern is addressed.


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