10+ Best Office Cleaning Services in Toronto

Keeping our workspaces squeaky clean is something we all need but often overlook. Between crushing deadlines, perfecting that pitch, and planning a big client meeting, who’s got time to chase dust bunnies under the desk? That’s why we’ve listed the best office cleaning services in Toronto to make your space sparkle and shine. From routine tidying to deep cleaning, these top-notch services will have you breathing easier and working smarter.

1. 7 AM Cleaning

office cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via 7 AM Cleaning 

7 AM Cleaning offers budget-friendly office cleaning services in Toronto, from regular touch-ups to deep cleans, move-in/move-out services, carpet and hardwood floor care, window cleaning, and top-notch disinfecting. So, you can focus on what really matters – growing your business.

2. Hello Hunter Staff 

Hello Hunter Staff will keep your office in tip-top shape. They handle everything from dusting and vacuuming to sanitizing high-touch areas, creating a healthy and efficient work environment. 

3. MCA Group

office cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via MCA Group

MCA Group ensures your workspace is always inviting and efficient. Known for their reliability and competitive rates, they offer comprehensive cleaning services tailored to your needs, from sweeping to sanitising.

4. Focus Cleaning

office cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via Focus Cleaning

Focus Cleaning’s meticulous team handles everything from floor care and carpet cleaning to dusting and trash disposal. They’ll turn your workspace into a productivity powerhouse with flexible and timely service.


office cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via JAN-PRO

JAN-PRO offers tailored cleaning solutions for offices of all sizes. Their proprietary techniques and advanced technologies deliver spotless and professional environments. You can book their nightly, weekly, or biweekly office cleaning services in Toronto.

  • www.jan-pro.ca
  • #1 – 2295 Dunwin Drive MississaugaToronto 
  • +1 905-569-1131

6. Arelli Commercial Cleaning

High-touch surfaces in your office are magnets for germs. Arelli Commercial Cleaning tackles them all with precision. Their services ensure a healthy work environment. They also offer specialty services like carpet shampooing and window cleaning.

7. Squeaky Cleaning

office cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via Squeaky Cleaning

Squeaky Cleaning highlights reliability and professional results in their office cleaning services in Toronto. Their experienced team tailors the services to your needs. Above all, they’ll make your office a place you love to work.

8. Dust ‘Til Dawn

Dust ‘Til Dawn combines meticulous cleaning with eco-friendly practices. Their friendly team brings energy and attention to detail, ensuring your office remains welcoming and sanitary. Quick responses and green alternatives make them a standout choice in Toronto.

9. Auraclean

Photo via Auraclean

With over 60 years of expertise, Auraclean knows how to do the job correctly. They offer a full range of professional cleaning services and use the latest certified equipment to keep your office spotless.

10. RBC Clean

RBC Clean understands that a tidy office boosts productivity and impresses clients. Their professional office cleaning services in Toronto free up your time and ensure a safer work environment. They’re the go-to for a clean, professional space in Toronto.

11. Ace Cleaning

Photo via Ace Cleaning

Ace Cleaning Services excels in both routine cleaning and special projects. Their trained staff handles everything from janitorial services to high-touchpoint disinfecting and green cleaning. They’ll keep your workspace orderly and clean.

12. Swift Janitorial Commercial Cleaning

Swift provides extensive cleaning services to keep your office healthy and safe. Their flexible scheduling and wide range of services, including deep carpet cleaning and electrostatic decontamination, ensure minimal downtime for your business.


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