10+ Best Gym and Fitness Center Cleaning Services in Toronto

Keeping a gym or fitness center clean is no easy feat, but it’s crucial for creating a welcoming and hygienic environment. Your members are hitting those weights, sweating, and pushing their limits. The last thing they want to worry about is whether that yoga mat is actually clean. Or how about those showers? That’s where you’ll need the best gym and fitness center cleaning services in Toronto.

1. 7 AM Cleaning

best gym and fitness center cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via 7 AM Cleaning

7 AM Cleaning’s comprehensive gym and fitness center cleaning services in Toronto include disinfecting weight, equipment, restrooms, and locker rooms. They also handle trash removal, vacuuming, and mopping. Need a deeper clean? You can book floor, ventilation system, and locker room cleaning.

2. Hello Hunter Staff

Hello Hunter Staff brings reliable and consistent cleaning to your gym. Their experienced cleaning team uses the latest techniques and safety protocols to ensure every inch of your fitness center is spotless. Plus, their customised solutions mean you get exactly what you need, while being eco-friendly and budget-conscious.

3. Marathon Cleaning

Marathon Cleaning keeps fitness centers sanitary and inviting, working around your schedule to minimise disruption. From equipment to locker rooms, they handle it all with top-notch gym and fitness center cleaning services in Toronto that focus on high-touch surfaces and high-traffic areas.

4. MCA Group

best gym and fitness center cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via MCA Group

Besides wiping down machines, MCA Group emphasizes deep disinfection in their cleaning. They use the latest in gym sanitisation tech that targets germs and bacteria. What’s more, their eco-friendly products ensure your clients aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals.

5. B.P.S Office Cleaning

B.P.S Office Cleaning focuses on creating clean, safe, and motivating environments with eco-friendly practices. They meticulously clean workout areas, equipment, locker rooms, and shared spaces, be it a boutique yoga studio or a large athletic facility.

6. Golden Lion Cleaning Services

Golden Lion Cleaning Services ensures your gym smells fresh and stays hygienic. Their gym and fitness center cleaning services in Toronto include upholstery and floor maintenance, surface sanitization, and streak-free mirror cleaning.

7. Pristine Maintenance & Services

Pristine Maintenance & Services delivers top-tier gym cleaning that uses the latest equipment and eco-friendly chemicals. Moreover, their flexible scheduling means they can clean around your gym’s hours, ensuring a spotless and pleasant environment for your members.

8. Tycoon Cleaning

Photo via Tycoon Cleaning

Tycoon Cleaning revitalizes gyms, fitness centers, and spas with expert services. They thoroughly disinfect workout areas, locker rooms, and relaxation spaces, leaving your facility healthy and hygienic.

9. Stratus Building Solutions

Stratus Building Solutions combines specialised gym cleaning with environmentally friendly products and practices. They help improve health and reduce indoor air pollution, ensuring every surface is sanitised.

10. Arelli Commercial Cleaning

Arelli Commercial Cleaning ensures your gym is always tidy, safe, and appealing. Their regular services include sweeping, mopping, and disinfecting high-touch areas, while specialty services like deep cleaning and power washing tackle tougher jobs.

11. Safe Cleaning

Photo via Safe Cleaning

Safe Cleaning offers budget-friendly and reliable gym and fitness center cleaning services in Toronto, including electrostatic disinfection, UV-C sanitisation, and specialty chemicals. They help boost your brand’s reputation, attracting more fitness enthusiasts to your door.


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