10+ Best Deep Cleaning Services in Toronto

Have you ever walked into a space—home or office—and thought, “How did it get this messy?” We’ve all been there. Life gets hectic, and before you know it, the clutter and grime have taken over. But don’t worry—these deep cleaning services in Toronto will help you freshen up your home, prepare for a special event, or ensure your office sparkles for clients.

1. 7 AM Cleaning

deep cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via 7 AM Cleaning

Need a fresh start? 7 AM Cleaning’s professional deep cleaning services in Toronto tackle everything from grimy kitchens to dusty blinds, leaving your home or business sparkling and sanitised.

2. Hello Hunter Staff 

Perfect for post-renovation clean-ups, seasonal refreshes, or just a thorough overhaul, Hello Hunter Staff ensures your space is immaculate. They provide a deep clean that transforms your environment. 

3. MasterMaid

MasterMaid offers deep cleaning services for homes and offices. They expertly handle neglected areas and leave everything spotless.

4. Maid4Condos

deep cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via Maid4Condos

Feeling like your condo hasn’t seen a deep clean in ages? Maid4Condos will get in those hard-to-reach places and make your space feel brand new again.

5. No More Chores

deep cleaning services in Toronto
Photo via No More Chores 

For a truly VIP cleaning experience, No More Chores offers a deluxe deep clean that pays attention to nitty-gritty details, like furniture, blinds, and baseboards.

6. Elite Housekeeping

Looking for more than a basic clean? Elite Housekeeping’s reliable and affordable deep cleaning services in Toronto will keep everything clean, from appliances to ceilings, leaving your property feeling refreshed.

7. Toronto Shine Cleaning

Their deep clean goes the extra mile, focusing on often-missed spots like baseboards and under furniture. They’re perfect for first-time professional cleaning or if your regular cleaning routine needs a boost.

8. Cleaning Hive

Photo via Cleaning Hive

You can leave your space’s neglected areas and forgotten corners to the Cleaning Hive. Their experienced cleaners will make your home sparkling and ready for a fresh start.

9. Maidstr

Photo via Maidstr

If you haven’t had a professional clean in a while, Maidstr’s deep clean is a great choice. Their experienced cleaners will tackle those tough spots that can become breeding grounds for dust and unseen grime, leaving your home healthy and refreshed.

10. Cleany

Photo via Cleany

Looking for deep cleaning services in Toronto that promote a healthy environment? Cleany uses expert techniques and disinfecting services to leave your home sparkling and free from harmful germs and bacteria.

11.  Geoffrey The Butler

For the ultimate in meticulous cleaning, look no further than Geoffrey The Butler. Their deep cleaning service goes beyond the surface level, utilising advanced techniques to eliminate tough stains and allergens and renew your entire space.

12. Brilho Luxury Home Services

Need a deep clean that feels luxurious? Brilho’s services are perfect for those who want a sparkling sanctuary. Their eco-friendly cleaning methods leave your home fresh and beautiful while tackling everything from dust bunnies to upholstery revival.


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