10+ Best Cleaning and Janitorial Services in Hoggs Hollow (Toronto, Ontario)

Do you ever find yourself staring at the mountain of chores piling up around you, wondering if there’s a way to escape the never-ending cleaning cycle? Are you craving a space where every surface shines and every corner whispers of freshness? Then, say goodbye to cleaning chaos with these best cleaning and janitorial services in Hoggs Hollow.

1. 7 AM Cleaning

As one of the best cleaning and janitorial services in Hoggs Hollow, 7 AM Cleaning is serious about “transforming spaces, sparkling places,” offering premiere janitorial, residential, and commercial cleaning services. You’ll also benefit from their janitorial services with flexible schedules. Their unmatched services are brought by tailored cleaning solutions, reliability, and high-quality products.

2. Hello Hunter Staff

Hello Hunter Staff will help you create cleaner, more inviting, and more productive residential and commercial spaces. If you’re running a bustling startup or want your home thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, they tailor their cleaning and janitorial services to meet your specific needs.


Founded in 2005, JAN-PRO has earned a reputation for excellence, serving clients ranging from small local businesses to large corporations. What sets them apart? Their commitment to using eco-friendly cleaning products and customer satisfaction. So, your space is not only spotless but also environmentally responsible.

Website: www.jan-pro.ca 

4. The Expert Cleaning Company

Leave the mess and dust to The Expert Cleaning Company while continuing your everyday routine. In addition to janitorial and commercial cleaning, you can also hire their experienced team for event cleaning needs. They use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and techniques to ensure a deep and thorough clean without harming the environment.

5. RBC Clean

RBC Clean lets you experience a home or workspace that’s not just stylish but also prioritises the health and well-being of everyone who walks through its doors. And that’s possible with their professional industrial, commercial, and residential cleaning services.

6. Ace Cleaning

Regardless of the size of your building, Ace Cleaning ensures their janitorial and commercial office cleaning services will meet your cleaning requirements. Plus, their flexible schedule, affordable services, and excellent customer service are designed for a wide range of industries.

7. WhiteRose Janitorial

Founded in 1986 as a small family-run business, WhiteRose Janitorial has grown into a cleaning powerhouse, all while staying true to their environmentally friendly roots. Their innovative Green Program offers a complete range of eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning products, ensuring your space is clean and environmentally responsible.

8. Pro-Clean

Reliable and professional, Pro-Clean delivers exceptional work in keeping office and commercial buildings clean, welcoming, and productive. They also prioritise eco-friendly options for a healthier environment for your employees and customers.

9. Toronto Office Cleaning Services

You’ll surely love the idea of relaxing while Toronto Office Cleaning Services does the dirty work. And they can be your partners in cleanliness and productivity. They take the hassle out of maintaining a clean and welcoming office environment with their high-quality janitorial services, office cleaning, washroom cleaning, and more.

10. MCA Group

MCA Group is an award-winning commercial and office cleaning service provider. They’ll help you with daily, regular cleaning and maintenance. From office buildings to restaurants, medical offices, and retail stores, they offer a wide range of cleaning services at competitive prices.

11. Eymen Cleaning

Eymen Cleaning is committed to creating a cleaner, healthier, and happier environment for you and your loved ones. Whether it’s residential, commercial cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, or daily office cleaning, they’ve got the skills and the passion to make your space always looking best.


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