10+ Best Cleaning and Janitorial Services in Casa Loma (Toronto, Ontario)

Casa Loma is an iconic landmark boasting stunning architecture and lush gardens. It is also rich in history, which can make you step back in time and immerse yourself in its grandeur. From daily tours and events to weddings and corporate functions, it hums with life and energy, welcoming guests of all ages. But amidst this vibrant atmosphere, meticulous cleaning and janitorial services in Casa Loma become paramount in nearby residential and commercial properties.

1. 7 AM Cleaning 

Ready to hit the reset button on cleanliness? Let 7 AM Cleaning breathe new life into your space with comprehensive cleaning services. They’ll scrub away the old and welcome a fresh start for your home or office with their high-quality residential and commercial cleaning services and janitorial solutions.

2. Hello Hunter Staff 

As one of the best cleaning and janitorial services in Casa Loma, Hello Hunter Staff’s cleaning prowess is unmatched, leaving your space not just clean but positively gleaming. They’ll eliminate smudges, stains, and specks of dust through effective and custom commercial and residential cleaning services.

3. WhiteRose Janitorial 

It’s time to forget about old cleaning routines. WhiteRose brings a fresh perspective to commercial, condominium, and industrial buildings. Their full-range cleaning and janitorial services use eco-friendly products.

4. MasterMaid

Need last-minute janitorial service or a complete home clean-up? MasterMaid will do the dirty work while you’re doing your daily routine. Their Airbnb, condo, move-in/move-out, office cleaning, and janitorial service are perfect for busy professionals, business owners, families, home sellers, and realtors.

5. Toronto Office Cleaning Services

Toronto Office Cleaning Services offers expert services that ensure every corner of your space is left sparkling and fresh. From vacuuming carpets to scrubbing bathrooms, they’ll leave your space looking and feeling brighter, fresher, and more inviting.

6. Pro-Clean 

Transform dull spaces into shining sanctuaries with Pro-Clean. Their janitorial, industry-specific, and commercial cleaning service ensures that every surface becomes spotless, attractive, and healthy. These fully tailored and flexible services are competitively priced.

7. KleanCare

You can’t say no to a home or office that’s not just clean but also reflects your taste and style. And KleanCare will help you achieve that. Their highly trained staff perform residential and commercial cleaning with care and expertise to achieve satisfying outcomes.

8. Elite Commercial Cleaning Services 

Elite Commercial Cleaning Services approached each cleaning project with attention to detail and utmost care. Their reliable and trustworthy commercial cleaning ensures that every inch of your space is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

9. Best Care Cleaning Services 

Your commercial property, residential property, or corporate office deserves the best care and cleaning. And this is what you’ll get if you hire Best Care Cleaning Services. With their eco-friendly condominium, commercial, and specialised cleaning, experience superior and consistent results without harming the planet.

10. Cleanor Cleaning and Maintenance 

Cleanor Cleaning and Maintenance is one of the cleaning and janitorial services in Casa Loma and elevates every homeowner and business owner’s cleanliness standards. Their unique approach in deep cleaning, janitorial services, carpet cleaning, post-construction cleaning, floor maintenance, and restroom sanitization removes dirt and leaves behind a subtle, refreshing scent.

11. Avid Commercial Cleaners 

Avid Commercial Cleaners promises quality service, confidentiality, integrity, and transparency. Using environmentally friendly and innovative cleaning products and practices, you’ll experience high-professional standards from their janitorial and commercial cleaning solutions. 


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