10+ Best Cleaning and Janitorial Services in Bridle Path (Toronto, Ontario) 

Have you ever experienced the weight of life’s demands, leaving little time for the upkeep of your space? Then, it’s time to get cleaning and janitorial services in Bridle Path. These services have saved many busy professionals seeking a spotless workspace, homeowners wishing for a fresh and clean living space, and business owners striving to create a welcoming environment for customers. And we’ve created a top list to streamline your search.

1. 7 AM Cleaning 

Who says elevating your environment is expensive? With over two decades of service, 7 AM Cleaning redefines cleanliness in both residential and commercial spaces with professional and affordable cleaning and janitorial services. Experience modern living with them, where innovation meets dedication.

2. Hello Hunter Staff 

Cleanliness and productivity combined? That’s what you’ll experience if you hire Hello Hunter Staff to handle your residential and commercial cleaning needs. Their experienced cleaners ensure your premises are spotless and organized, promoting productivity and safety.

3. H&M Maid Cleaning Services

H&M Maid Cleaning Service’s top priority is your home or business’s cleanliness. Their janitorial, commercial, and residential cleaning services combine flexible cleaning schedules with eco-friendly products to guarantee your satisfaction and the environment’s safety.

4. ISHINE Cleaning

ISHINE Cleaning will help you create a clean, healthy, inviting, and fresh-smelling environment. Their professional commercial cleaning services allow you to focus on your business while they do the dirty work. They achieve green cleaning through micro-fiber technology, backpack vacuum technology, and hospital-grade disinfectants.

5. Bee-Clean Building Maintenance 

As one of Canada’s largest janitorial companies with over 50 years of experience, Bee-Clean is highly reliable in cleaning, restoration, facilities, and consulting services. Their top-notch janitorial services provide many industries with spotless, welcoming, and productive environments.

6. Canadian Cleaning Company

You never know when you will need professional commercial and residential cleaning services. That’s why the Canadian Cleaning Company offers them 24/7. They’ll make you forget the stress of cleaning yourself.

7. Enhanced Cleaning and Maintenance 

Enhanced Cleaning and Maintenance are commercial, condominium, and apartment cleaning and maintenance specialists. And to deliver the best cleaning services, their team is trained from the get-go to have them ready when they get to your home, business, or condo.

8. Sham Sparkle

At Sham Sparkle, they’re more than just clean – they care. Committing to quality, efficiency, and eco-friendliness, they turn homes and businesses into clean havens. They can work around your schedule whenever you need regular office maintenance or a quick clean-up after a renovation.

9. VSI Cleaning

VSI Cleaning works tirelessly to achieve their ultimate goal – customer satisfaction. They also care about the planet, so they use sustainable practices and environmentally friendly cleaning products in their residential and commercial cleaning services.

10. JAN-PRO 

What sets JAN-PRO apart? Their certified owners-operators offer quality and consistent janitorial and commercial cleaning services that deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. From offices and factories to schools and hospitals, their skilled cleaning team consistently exceeds service expectations.

11. Pro-Clean

Pro-Clean’s commitment to eco-friendly cleaning solutions reflects their dedication to your well-being and the environment. Their team is equipped with the experience and skills to handle the unique cleaning needs of different industries, including commercial, office, condo, and industrial cleaning.


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